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Entrepreneur / Investor

Afterdownload (Adtech) Co Founder, Acquired 2013, 28M
Similarweb (B2B SaaS) 2009-present ~20x
Kenshoo (B2B SaaS) 2006-present ~10x
Ironsource (Adtech) Shareholder, current valuation 1.5B.
Breezometer (B2B SaaS) 2015-present
Photomyne (B2C) 2015-present
Skyline (AI) 2018-present

Blockchain 2013-present
Residential Real Estate 2010-present

Investor, Cerca Partners I Fund 

Armis Security ; Acquired, 1.1B, Insight Partners, 2020
FVRR ; IPO Nasdaq 2019

Demisto ; Acquired, 560M, Palo Alto Networks, 2019

Dynamic Yield ; Acquired 300M, McDonalds, 2019

Alooma ; Acquired, Undisclosed, Google, 2019

Datorama ; Acquired, 800M, Salesforce, 2018

Argus Cyber Security ; Acquired, 430M Continental, 2017

Ravello; Acquired 500M, Oracle, 2016

Adallom ; Aqcuired, 300M, Microsoft, 2015



Managing Director, Techstars Israel

Established and managed Techstars & Barclays Bank Fintech Accelerator for in Tel Aviv. Prominent investor in TLV eco-system; personal connections with top Israel VCs. Recruited over 120 Mentors, Interviewed hundreds of teams, Selected 20 early stage companies and ran 2 annual batches.


Co-Founder & Chief strategy officer, AfterDownload

Ad Network for Software developers and Web Apps. From Zero to 50 Employees. Acquired, 28M, Ironsource, 2013


Serial entrepreneur with 20 years of track record and 4 Exits. Making great investments, while fostering Israel's brightest minds in their mission and journey to market leadership.

Formerly, Managing Director of Techstars Israel, Intelligence Analyst & Section Manager and Online Marketing pioneer.